Confessions of a Weird Mom: Part 2 – Weird Wednesday

by Raylene on March 9, 2011 · 3 comments

Last week I started what I think will be a continuing series with Confessions of a Weird Mom: Part 1. I don’t think I’ll do it for every Weird Wednesday, but it will probably make an appearance often.

I confess that I don’t talk on the phone often or for very long.  It might be because I spend hours and hours on the phone every day when we had our own home-based business.  I also don’t multi-task well when I’m on the phone – I can get a few things done, but not as much as usual.  I’m not your typical ‘talking on the phone’ gal.

I confess that I prefer action-adventure movies to ‘chick flicks’.  I don’t appreciate being emotionally manipulated and that what it feels like with mushy movies. But I do like suspense and adventure.  I’ll pick Gladiator over Titanic any day! And most of the action-adventure and drama type movies even have romance and emotion in them – I enjoy that kind of movie!

I confess that my kiddos and I often wear mismatched socks.  Most of hubby’s socks are black or white, and the same kind of socks, so it’s easy to make pairs.  And there was a time when mismatched socks were in style, so it never bothers me to have 2 different socks on.  We have a cloth bag that most of our socks end up in, and if we can’t find a pair, we just grab a couple out of the bag.  It works for us.  Do matching socks really matter?  I admit that there are some times when wearing matching socks is important.  But at our house, those times are few and far between.

I confess that “It’s OK to be WEIRD!” is REALLY a phrase that is used in our house almost daily.  It’s my motto and my kiddos have adopted it in lots of ways too.  They tell me about times when they have told their friends, “It’s OK to be WEIRD!”  Someone will say, “Well that’s weird,” and the opportunity to share our motto comes up again.  I hear my kiddos using the phrase in ways that make me proud (encouraging someone who’s been called ‘weird’, affirming differences between their friends, even defending me to someone) and in ways that make me laugh (while playing Legos, or telling their quirky characters on Harvest Moon that their little weird ways are ok).  I love that they use the phrase, and understand the sentiment behind it.  I can only hope that being a weird mom, and allowing them to be their weird selves will help to lay a good foundation for lots of fantastic weird things in their futures.

*** Join me in the weirdness, too… I KNOW you’ve encountered SOMETHING weird somewhere this week!! Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!!  And have a look around for more Weird Wednesdays here on my blog!***

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1 Tarasview March 9, 2011 at 4:42 PM

my son Owen (age 7) prefers to wear non-matching socks but my son with Autism refuses to wear non-matching socks… he says it feels wrong lol 🙂

I often tell my kids and those around me that it is ok to be weird 🙂


2 Ruth March 9, 2011 at 10:57 PM

We almost always have mismatched socks too. I tried at one point to start a new system…didn't work. My kids don't seem to mind either:-) We always ask the question "who determines normal anyways?"


3 Shash March 11, 2011 at 4:59 AM

I eat in a circle around my plate. I usually eat up the one item of food at a time, all the veggies and then all the meat type thing. Only when one food type has been consumed do I move onto another. Usually… if I think about it, I eat in random fashion as so not to weird out those sitting at my table! 🙂


Join in the weirdness!

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