Son, I’m Falling for You! or No More Boneheads Bouncing on Mom

by Raylene on March 3, 2012 · 4 comments

No, this isn’t some Jerry Springer type of weird love relationship post.  (ewwww!)  I promise. It’s much more innocent and much more dangerous than that! 😀

On Wednesday I was working REALLY hard to finish up some training on Facebook that I was to be teaching on Thursday. Did any of you happen to notice that BIG changes happened in Facebook on Wednesday? I did, and it meant changing the last half of the session I was going to be leading the next day. So, I was VERY busy on Wednesday getting the scoop and prepping my NEW information for the course.

Needless to say, there were times I felt a bit nervous about getting it all finished, and more times when I felt a little overwhelmed with all the new info and how to prepare my course attendees for the changes.

In the evening, before dinner time, I took a tiny break so I would stop feeling like I was going to hyperventilate (not really, it was more like I just felt giddy). I told the kiddos I needed to get rid of some nervous energy, and the boys decided to wrestle me.I was in a fairly good mood (rare these last few months while dealing with depression, even MORE rare on a day when I was totally stressed and stretched to the max) so they were obviously thrilled to be able to ‘play’ with mom.

Being their ever exuberant selves, I knew I needed to put some guidelines on things.  I specifically asked them for only one of them at a time to wrestle me. I even put BudBud on the ground (carefully, so as not to hurt him) with a cool self-defense move to get him off of me once and said again, “Just one at a time, please.” (He had started wrestling with me first).

Well, the two of them persisted.  I had MrCutie in something of a headlock, and BudBud grabbed my feet while MrCutie was very much wrapped up in my arms. MrCutie jumped back into me (NO idea why) and with BudBud holding my legs, there was no where to go but down…backwards…hard.

If I had let go of MrCutie, he was going to fall directly into our huge wooden desk and cracked his head, so I grabbed on to him to keep him from crashing into the desk, and we fell… down… hard.

You know how you can see everything in slow motion when something really bad is happening. That’s how it felt, so I knew it was going to be bad.

falling womanWe fell together between my desk chair and the couch, my left hip hitting the arm of the couch on the way down, bouncing me to the right and toward the desk chair. With my full weight plus MrCutie’s (he must be 100lbs himself), we landed on a cardboard box of papers I had not yet taken down to file. The box also had a Rubbermaid container in it. I must have hit that container right on my tailbone. We completely crushed the box, and what stopped my fall was the File Folder Holder I keep for my business stuff – right on my rib cage on the right side of my back, near my bra-strap. Our little, very heavy, very sturdy portable safe/fire-box was behind the cardboard box and it apparently rubbed right up  my spine, giving me an abrasion down my lower back/upper hip area.

I obviously went down twisting in various ways as I bounced from couch arm to file folder holder to box and safe… I hit my right wrist on the desk chair as I bounced that direction (I guess I reached out to grab it or to get it out of the way), and, thankfully, it spun wildly AWAY from us. MrCutie wrenched my left arm while he was holding on to me holding on to him while we were falling.

Thank the Lord we had moved the glass table that had been there in that area or I would have literally broken my neck or gotten a concussion. As it is, I ended up with bruises on both hips, an abrasion on my spine, a sore tailbone, two aching hands and hopefully just an out-of-place (not broken) rib. It felt an awful lot like whiplash, at the time, hurting all the way up my neck with a weird headache.

They boys felt AWFUL, and learned a couple of big lessons: Be careful with Mom, even when she invites wrestling! and No more boneheads bouncing on Mom!!

(Have you ever read the book 10 Little Dinosaurs? Pachycephelasaurus falls down and bumps his had, and Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said, “No more boneheads bouncing on the bed!” or something like that… lol. We say it at our house all the time when someone is being goofy and not thinking about something and gets hurt… “no more boneheads bouncing on (whatever).”)

Dad was NOT pleased. He had to come out of the kitchen where he was making dinner (MY HERO!) to help me get up.  I could hardly stand at first, and as the night wore on I got more and more stiff and sore. I’m not as young as I once was, I guess!

Thankfully, I was feeling comfortable enough with my material for the training at that point that I was not TOTALLY freaking out about it anymore. I took some ibuprofen, and went back to work, hiding in my bedroom to avoid any more whiplash, wrestling matches, or bouncing falls.

By the way, MrCutie was fine, not hurt at all, except being very sad about having injured Mom so badly. I apparently protected him well while I was holding on to him holding on to me while I was falling for him, or because of him…. well, WITH him, anyway.

OH MY! Guess I shouldn’t have taken that break!

It’s OK to laugh, really it is! If it hadn’t hurt so bad, I might have laughed too.

Even though I wasn’t able to sleep well (the largest bruise is on my left hip, which is the side I normally sleep on), I got through the training just fine. Standing for 3 hours with all those owies sure did take a toll, though, especially after not being able to sleep. SO, I had a HUGE nap on Thursday afternoon.

I’m a bit stiff and sore still, and the bruises are going to be GORGEOUS – one is already deep purple! Not to mention the HUGE knot on my left hip. I don’t regret having taken the time to wrestle. My only regret is not REALLY getting BudBud’s attention (i.e., making it clear he better not mess with me at that moment) with my cool self-defense move.

I just don’t bounce back like I used to! LOL!

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1 Celeste Werkheiser March 4, 2012 at 9:15 AM

I have to tell you, I enjoyed reading your blog! I could almost see it in slow motion & I was cringing pretty much the whole time! I hope you are feeling better! I want to say that I envy you because I was always too scared to wrestle with my kids, since I happen to be somewhat of a wimp! 😉 I wish I had been able to get over my fears of being hurt in order to play with them. They were afraid they would break their mama! Lol! I guess it helped in your case that you are one of the toughest people in the world, being a Marine & all! 🙂 My husband was a Marine as well & he played & wrestled with the kids & wore them out! Thank you so much for reminding me how precious & short our time is with our children. I think I need to make a few phone calls now! God bless & Semper Fi!


2 Raylene March 4, 2012 at 2:38 PM

LOL, Celeste! Thanks for clarifying re: thinking this was Wren’s blog. Wren is a tough cookie for sure! I’m not a Marine, but I’ma MOM and I figure that ranks for something, too! For a long time I was in too much pain to wrestle much with the kiddos (endometriosis with serious scar tissue from 3 c-sections), and so now I’m glad to be able to play with them. Like you said, sometimes it takes a bit of a new perspective to remind us of these things. 🙂


3 Jennifer March 4, 2012 at 1:38 PM

lol well having three boys myself, you know I’ve been there, being attacked by a group of midget boys, but wow. that was quite the fall. I kind of hate knowing they are going to grow up bigger and stronger and it will be much harder for us to rough play like we do now. but this post maks me laugh a little knowing our boys never actually try to hurt us it just always ends up that way. Just yesterday I was having a good talk with my oldest who is 5 about stranger danger and what he should do in different situations. I asked him about a person grabbing his arm or shoulder in the mall and guiding him off, what can he do? he decided to show me and punched me really hard in the, well, he called it the penis! lol good move son! lol I can’t believe I am not bruised today because it is so tender and hurts so bad. small but mighty I tell ya!


4 Raylene March 4, 2012 at 2:48 PM

hehe, Jennifer, I bet you do know all about that! My boys are 10 and 11 – not so much midgets anymore. In fact, BudBud is almost as tall as me and weighs about 50lbs less than me. You’re exactly right, too – I know for a fact that my boys would NEVER want to hurt me, and NEVER try to hurt me on purpose – it’s always just accidental. They felt awful.

Awesome stranger danger strategy from your son by the way! That should work! LOL!


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