Attack of the Killer Potatoes

by Raylene on November 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Making dinner for the family tonight, I decided soup would be good. It’s cc-cccc-cccc-cold outside, and so a good hot soup is just the right thing to warm up cold peeps.

Looking around the kitchen, I didn’t have a bunch of options, but we do have a BIG box of potatoes that need to be used. Potatoes make great soup.

I can’t eat potatoes, seeing as I react adversely to them, but I could still make potato soup for the family. I just have to take extra precautions so the pesky potatoes don’t bother me.

All I have to do is wear gloves while battling, er…preparing the potatoes.  No prob.

Potato soup is in the pot and cooking. It smells so good, even though I can’t eat it.

After prepping the soup, I took the gloves off.

It’s always AFTER you put the gloves down that the enemy REALLY comes after you.

The potatoes, in the pot, boiling all innocent like, are STILL coming after me.

Now, while stirring the soup, the steam is making my hands and face itch and feel weird.

It’s crazy! It’s just the steam from boiling potatoes, dang it!

It makes sense, I know. Little ‘bits’ of potato are floating in the steam and reacting with my skin.  It’s still WEIRD!

I do know that when the family sautés green peppers or cooks with green chile, when the smell reaches me, my nose start to itch and burn. Now I guess potatoes are going to do the same kind of thing.

They may not kill me, but potatoes, peppers and other nightshades are really putting a crimp in my style.

Have you been ‘attacked’ by a food unexpectedly?

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