No Freaking Way! Father of Lights DVD Review

by Raylene on March 19, 2013 · 1 comment

Our family really likes to watch documentaries, and real life stories – not “based on a true story” kinds of movies, but REAL stories of real people as they are going along, or being interviewed after the fact. A movie called “Father of Lights” came into our lives, and it’s just that kind of movie – and it’s pretty amazing!

Father of Lights DVD

About Father of Lights

If God could be filmed, what would He look like? In this explosive documentary, filmmaker Darren Wilson attempts to do the impossible: film God and understand His character. Along the way, Darren and his team encounter powerful witch doctors, violent gang leaders, Hindu holy men, and everyday people with extraordinary experiences to tell. Father of Lights attempts to tear away much of the bad press the Almighty has received over the years, and reveals a God who is far better than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Prepare to see the impossible. Prepare to meet your Maker.

Our Review

When you read that movie description, does it seem a little far-fetched? I’ve been known to be somewhat skeptical about things, and this was one of them. REALLY? Filming God Himself? hmm…. that sounded a little ‘out there’. But, I embrace weirdness on a daily basis, so of course I was interested to see what Father of Lights would be like.

We all watched the movie as a family, and watched it again with the grandparents when they were in town – I know we’ll watch it again and again.

We all had lots to say about it, but I asked my 13-yr-old daughter, Sweetheart, to write a few words about “Father of Lights”:

I thought that the message was very powerful. I liked it when those people healed all the other people! And when those people that where healed learned about the power of God it was amazing. I really liked it when they went healed these two people and the first person was a friend of the second. The first person was able to get them into the one building they wanted to go into. I also thought it was funny when they went and saw a witch doctor, he was to afraid to come and see them because he knew the things they had done for God. The witch doctor was later reported missing [after the Christians left, he disappeared on his own, and even his wife didn’t know where he went].

Todd in IsraelSweetheart alludes to a few of the things that really got our attention – healings, of course, being one. “Chance” encounters between people being another.  And God’s power being shown in many different ways was another thing that was clearly communicated through the film.

Even my sons and their grandparents loved the film. Gram said, “I’m not surprised, but I am surprised, you know. I know God can do amazing things, but it’s always really awesome to see what He’ll come up with next.”

There are many powerful things shared in the movie, but one of them, sort of the climax of the whole film, left me saying, “NO FREAKING WAY!”  I was astonished, excited, thrilled, dumbfounded, gobsmacked, and quite literally awe-struck.  All I could say was, “NO FREAKING WAY!”  (that’s very holy and reverent isn’t it!? LOL!) There was absolutely NO way that what happened could have happened the way it did without God’s hand. NO WAY!  And it was truly awesome. Even writing about it now I get a chill – just, WOW!

What was the thing that happened that left me so awed? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!  It’s really worth it!

You can order the film (and even get an instant digital download of it) at Wanderlust’s web store, in the Father of Lights section.

I was sent a copy of this film to view with my family. As always, my opinions are my own.

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1 Linda Ruth March 19, 2013 at 9:25 AM

Sounds good! Would you be willing to lend the DVD to my Hunny & me? (for a date night).


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