Typos R Is

by Raylene on August 8, 2013 · 0 comments

er… Typos R Us.

Yes, there are some words that I always always always seem to mis-type.

Typos R IS

  • aorund
  • thiings
  • worskhop
  • beacuse
  • tot he
  • abou tit
  • guildeine (instead of guideline)
  • daugther
  • and my daughter’s name: Noami (should be Naomi)
  • thye
  • spcial (instead of social)
  • is (instead of us)
  • thsi
  • no tit (instead of not it)
  • aventures (instead of adventures)

These are obviously transpositions from flying fingers typing faster than my brain is thinking (or my brain thinking faster than my fingers are typing???).

I seriously make these mistakes often. I have to slow down and THINK HARD when I type a few of these or I just can NOT type them correctly. I KNOW how to spell the words – they just don’t want to ‘type’ right for me.  It’s so weird!

Are there words that you frequently mis-type?

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