When Tweens get #Hashtag overload – #MomIsTurningPurple

by Raylene on September 26, 2013 · 0 comments

subtitle: You just had to be there.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been at it again, and they do an amazing job of showing us how ridiculous we sound using hashtags in real life.

(Can’t see this video? Watch it on YouTube – #Hashtag)

I showed this video to my family, and the two tween boys started hashtagging everything they said. It was pretty comical.


About 20 minutes later, after all the hashtagging had died down, I found this video, and since my boys like a good explosion as much as any boy, we all watched it together.

(Can’t see this video? Watch it on YouTube – Propane Tank Explosion)

Right at the end of the video, we were having a regular conversation (i.e., no hashtagging, no giggling, no tech talk…) about this exploding propane tank. Dad pointed out how ridiculous this is, and then I played the video again to show how close the crazy guys are to the exploding propane tank.

My oldest son, out of the blue, says, “Hashtag: SafetyHazard!”


You probably had to be there, but I just about died laughing when he said that. It was a classic example of how a 12-year-old can completely and totally grasp a concept and run with it in a hilarious way. He isn’t on Twitter or Facebook, but he’s pretty sharp, and he caught on to this like nobody’s business!

My laughing fit, complete with tears rolling down my face, gasping for air, and rolling on the couch, spurred on more hashtag additions by my husband and oldest son:

“Hashtag: DontMakeMomChoke; Hashtag: BREATHE!; Hashtag: ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!; Hashtag: MomIsTurningPurple; Hashtag: MomIsTheNewBarney; ….”

…and it went on for what felt like forever. These two guys are quick-witted, and have great senses of humour, so they came up with some really good hashtags. It was awesome!

I haven’t laughed like that in ages. At least 10 minutes of just laughing! And my daughter and other son laughed almost as hard as I did. It was SOOOO good!

I understand, you probably had to be there. It isn’t nearly as funny trying to explain it as it was when it was happening, of course. But it was REALLY REALLY funny!!

And I love my family for these kinds of moments. They ‘get’ me, they are weird right along with me, and even hashtags aren’t sacred around here.

When was the last time you laughed really hard with your family?

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