Go ahead – Sing at Subway!

by Raylene on June 5, 2014 · 0 comments

Kudos to the young twenty-ish guy at the new west side Subway the other day who totally busted out in song while waiting behind me in the sub building line!

That was seriously awesome!

singFrom looking at you and your buddy when you walked in together, I could never have guessed you’d do something like that. You were carrying a skateboard, and your friend was wearing a toque (stocking cap) even though it wasn’t cold. I don’t know that I had any expectations at all about how you might or might not act.  You were just regular guys. And you surprised me in one of the best possible ways!

That your buddy didn’t even flinch when you started singing with the song on the restaurant radio, in public, in front of total strangers – WOW! He must know you well enough to expect random song outbursts.

The guy behind the counter making our sandwiches raised an eyebrow in your direction, but that did not deter you in the least.

I don’t remember that your singing was overly loud or that your voice was blow-my-socks-off awesome, but you were singing along, and we all could tell that you liked it! It wasn’t annoying and nobody seemed to be bothered by it at all. How could they be? It was clear that you were enjoying yourself. That’s why it was so awesome.

I very seriously considered joining you. I’ve been known to randomly burst into song from time to time, and I, too, love to sing, anywhere, everywhere. But I didn’t want to embarrass you by having a 30-something weird mom-lady singing “Counting Stars” with you.

Go Ahead - SING!That would probably not have been cool, right….?

And I totally didn’t want to embarrass you. I wanted to encourage you to keep singing. I was afraid if I said anything I would ruin the moment, and perhaps make you self-conscious about randomly singing in fast-food restaurants, and maybe steal the gift of your song from another innocent line-stander in the future.

But I was totally inspired.

When a song comes on that you love, sing along!

Go ahead – Sing at Subway!  Why Not?!

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