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My blog rebranding took some time to process. I’ve actually been thinking about it for at least 9 months.

Rebranding of any kind is not something that I would undertake without serious consideration. Any time you change something in your online presence, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  So I had a lot to consider before doing anything publicly.

Previously, It’s OK to be WEIRD  has undergone 2 design changes.

It’s OK to be WEIRD! Design #1

My FIRST blog design looked like this:

Weird blog 1st design
Flowers and Sunshine, with the crazy little stick figure girl.

Weird blog button 1A good mix of colour, many similar colours to what I had most recently on the site. It was a little quirky, and very original at the time. It had some big bold headers with a nice mix of fonts/texts.

The Logo or Profile Pic for this blog looked like this:

That little stick girl is really cute. The font for “WEIRD” was a fun scrolly kind of writing, too, different from the rest.

It’s OK to be WEIRD! Design #2 – 1st blog rebranding

When I moved from my original non-standard blogging platform to Blogger, I went through a blog rebranding (mostly because my very first blog design wasn’t at all compatible with any other platform).  I kept the same basic design when I transferred to WordPress.

So, most recently, my blog looked like this:
Weird blog 2

Things I loved about this theme:

  • BRIGHT blue sky with sunshine.
  • Sunshine icons everywhere
  • Fun bright colour combination – light blue with gold, plus red and bright blue accents
  • Fun details
  • Cleaner, more professional than the first blog

For a profile photo or smaller logo space, I created and used this image:
WEIRD Blog Button

plus the favicon.weird blog 2 favicon

I LOVED this branding, but it didn’t fit the blog theme – WEIRD!

New Blog Branding Ideas

For the NEW Branding, I was looking for:

    • keeping the light blue and gold was something I seriously considered, to maintain some brand consistency even while making changes).
    • it’s gotta be unique, different, weird, right? 🙂
  • A Character?
    • maybe something like the stick figure girl? As simple as a SMILIE face sunshine or something…

bendy flowersI kind of kept coming back to the idea of a SILLY FLOWER.

Flowers have always been part of my life and could fit well with the theme. I have 2 bendy flowers in my office – yellow and blue – and they inspired me.

This is the kind of information I gave to Eva (pretty_face) over at Fiverr to begin with my new logo design process.

It’s OK to be WEIRD! Design #3

Eva worked with me to come up with just want I wanted.

First version:


CUTE! Excellent start on the concept.


2nd version:

flower 2

CUTER! Brighter! Better!


Final version:

flower 3

CUTEST!! Perfect! Fantastic!

Very representative of my theme, don’t you think?

I’ve tweaked the fonts a bit, but the flower is still the same.

I wasn’t sure how a Fiverr logo design would work out, but I’m really pleased.

The design elements that we incorporated really do reflect all the things I was hoping for my brand to represent.

Going with a new logo has allowed me to implement a new look without totally having to redo all the rest of my colours, as well as alleviating the need to rework the overall blog design. Changing out a few images is all that is needed at this time. It’s like a whole new-to-me blog, but without quite as much work as a totally new site design!

I feel that this unique flower girlie is a great addition to my brand and to the site. She’ll be showing up on all kinds of landscapes and backgrounds.

Welcome to the new It’s OK to be WEIRD!

it's ok to be weird

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