Some days, it’s hard to look forward

by Raylene on February 15, 2015 · 0 comments

Reflect on the day, look forward to the future.


I try to write down affirmations for myself every night.


your future begins with your next thoughtI’ve been told by many successful people that writing out your hopes and dreams, in the present tense, will train your mind to think toward those positive future things. That kind of forward-thinking and positivity translates into lots of areas of life, and often the story you write starts to come true.


So… I’ve been writing things down, like the script to my future story.


Some of them I believe 100%, some I’m still working on.  Some are absolutely positively true at this point in my life, some are very much works in progress. But I write them as though they are true.


I live life with expectancy, and I cast off expectation.

I am capable.

I am available.

I take good care of my body, my heart, my mind, and my soul.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I live simply and love wildly.

I have access to all the resources I need to take care of all of the details in my life.

I am enough.


I’m trying to be really diligent about it. I want to be positive. I want to be successful. I know that there are messages in my brain that I need to erase and re-write. So I do write out my “life script” on LOTS of days.


Some days, it’s hard to look forward.


Some days – when things go haywire no matter what I do, when it’s cloudy, when we’re broke (still), when I feel myself slipping into the low part of my cycle, when I’m all out of space (again)… on those days, it’s hard to write the forward story of my life.

On those days, when I just didn’t feed myself very well and my body and brain are running on fumes, when I’m getting over (another) flu/cold/virus thing, when the wind is howling and my headache is raging, when I’d rather hide in my closet or just runaway… on some of those days I don’t even have the words for my proclamations of belief and hopes for the future.

some days surviving is my biggest achievement


Sometimes, just BEING, right here, right now, is all I can muster.  Surviving.


And that’s still something.

The PRESENT is all we really have – it’s all there really is, and sometimes it’s just too big for me to see beyond it.


It’s OK!


Surviving enough of the “some days” will get me to the future, anyway.

Even if I miss writing my script out on some of those days.


Note to self: Not writing on those “some days” isn’t the end of the world. Neither is it going to wreck my future. It’s OK to be gentle with myself.

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