Zentangle beginner – first on paper and now on mugs

by Raylene on December 21, 2015 · 1 comment

As a Zentangle beginner, I have been learning so much about the art of Zentangle, but also about myself.

I was introduced to Zentangle about a year and a half ago. ‘Tangling has been extremely good for my mental health and my soul, and it’s just FUN!


Here are some examples of the things I’ve ‘tangled from my Facebook Zentangle photo album (all on paper) – you can click on each image to see a full-size view:


I think I’ve progressed quickly from a Zentangle beginner to a few more advanced projects. I’ve tried canvas board (ick – didn’t like it!), as well as different kinds of paper, and different styles of Zentangle.


The latest things I’ve tried ‘tangling on are plain white mugs! My first attempt was making an “R” mug for myself.

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Several people have asked me about the process for ‘Tangling on these mugs, so I’ve put together a tutorial of sorts. It doesn’t address many concepts of ‘tangling, as for a Zentangle beginner, but mostly it focuses on the logistics of ‘tangling on a mug.


DIY Zentangle Mug – Step by Step


I’m LOVING Zentangle for so many reasons. It’s good for my soul! 😉


Also, if you’re looking for quality Zentangle supplies, you can check out My Zentangle Store on Amazon:

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