Pentatonix Concert Live Stream on Sunday, March 15

0 comments March 13, 2015
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Sunday is the big Pentatonix show at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre. This is one of their early stops of the On My Way Home Tour.   Unfortunately, I’m not able to be there to watch it person.  🙁 But other unlucky fans like me who can’t attend the concert itself are still in for a special treat.   Pentatonix Concert Live Stream Yahoo Live will be live streaming the Wallingford, CT, concert starting at 7:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, March 15. We’ll be able to see the whole event for FREE online! Here is the link: […]

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Respect the Funk – Dad & Daughter

0 comments March 2, 2015

The family that dances together stays together.   Post by Ali Hoffman.   I seriously love that the Dad is dancing and lip-synching to the Uptown Funk with his teenage daughter. Awesome family weirdness! You have to respect the FUNK!

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Blog Rebranding Process

0 comments February 24, 2015
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My blog rebranding took some time to process. I’ve actually been thinking about it for at least 9 months. Rebranding of any kind is not something that I would undertake without serious consideration. Any time you change something in your online presence, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  So I had a lot to consider before doing anything publicly. Previously, It’s OK to be WEIRD  has undergone 2 design changes. It’s OK to be WEIRD! Design #1 My FIRST blog design looked like this: Flowers and Sunshine, with the crazy little stick figure girl. A good mix of […]

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UNVEIL: It’s OK to be WEIRD rebranding!

2 comments February 23, 2015
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Phase 2 of the rebranding for my blog is complete!   For a while now I’ve been wanting (needing) to spiff up It’s OK to be WEIRD!  And I really wanted to come up with a character of some kind to fit my theme.   Rebranding Phase 1 Phase 1 included brainstorming with my kiddos about branding (homeschooling rocks!), and some initial sketches on some fun ideas we came up with. It was really a great exercise, and we learned a lot. (I’ll elaborate more on that in another post.)   I finally took my own […]

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Some days, it’s hard to look forward

0 comments February 15, 2015
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Reflect on the day, look forward to the future.   I try to write down affirmations for myself every night.   I’ve been told by many successful people that writing out your hopes and dreams, in the present tense, will train your mind to think toward those positive future things. That kind of forward-thinking and positivity translates into lots of areas of life, and often the story you write starts to come true.   So… I’ve been writing things down, like the script to my future story.   Some of them I believe 100%, some I’m […]

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Christmas Mac App Bundle – save 70%!

0 comments December 10, 2014
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Disclaimer: I will receive a copy of one of the programs offered by PearlMountain Technology for mentioning this Christmas Special on my blog. My opinions are my own, and I only share information that I feel will be of value to my readers. Our house has pretty much gone completely Mac.  So I’m always on the lookout for new programs and apps to use on our Macs. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Publisher Plus, and right now it’s on special when bundled with MacBooster 2. Publisher Plus (regularly purchased at $39.90) is […]

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Migraines are Cruel!

2 comments October 27, 2014
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Migraines have to be one of the most cruel of all ailments, at least in my experience.   Even before the pain of the headache hits, the effects begin. My thoughts are slower, thicker, jumbled. My eyes feel funny, eyelids get lazy, and an ‘aura’ may appear. Quick movements can cause dizziness or instability, even just quickly moving my eyes. A feeling not unlike motion sickness sometimes comes with it. Then the pain. Sometimes it rises slowly. Sometimes it hits like a freight train. Either way, it’s unbearable. It’s unlike a regular headache… The migraine […]

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Stop trying to be beautiful.

1 comment August 29, 2014
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I can be honest here, right?  Well, honestly, I haven’t felt very good at looking beautiful for a while now. I have my moments, you know, when it’s a good hair day, my skin cooperates, and my makeup looks great. But day in and day out, I’m just your average 30-something wife & mom. (Nothing wrong with that, by the way!) And we know what it feels like to not be beautiful, right, ladies? We know we’re not beautiful because nobody says, “Wow, you’re beautiful,” or “You really are gorgeous, you know.” Nobody. Ever. I […]

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I thought it was zuZily…

2 comments July 27, 2014
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For years now I’ve seen zuzily ads in blog sidebars and recently in my Facebook sidebar as well. You read that right – zuzily. At least, that’s what I always thought it said… Imagine my surprise when I recently took more than a cursory glance at an ad, and saw that it said, “zulily”. zulily. Seriously, I really and truly thought it was zuZily…. OOPS! How weird is that? To have misread something for so long?  I probably misread it the first time and never looked closely enough to change it. Besides, zuzily sounds so […]

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Go ahead – Sing at Subway!

0 comments June 5, 2014
go ahead - sing

Kudos to the young twenty-ish guy at the new west side Subway the other day who totally busted out in song while waiting behind me in the sub building line! That was seriously awesome! From looking at you and your buddy when you walked in together, I could never have guessed you’d do something like that. You were carrying a skateboard, and your friend was wearing a toque (stocking cap) even though it wasn’t cold. I don’t know that I had any expectations at all about how you might or might not act.  You were […]

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