KidsBowlFree – all summer long!

0 comments June 2, 2014

For the second year, we’ve registered our kiddos for the KidsBowlFree program. KidsBowlFree is a program hosted by participating bowling centres across the USA and Canada. Bowling centres, schools, and other community organizations work together to launch a super summer activity option for kids and families! Kids (under 15 years old) registered for the KidsBowlFree program get 2 FREE Games of bowling every day all summer long at your participating center*. There are over 1,050 locations to choose from. For Canadian Locations, click on the Canadian flag on the KidsBowlFree home page, or go to the […]

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What My Hedgehog Taught Me About Instagram

0 comments April 5, 2014
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What do you get when you add a super cute exotic pet to a household with a social media manager? A Hedgehog On INSTAGRAM (among other things). Mignonne the Hedgehog has taught me a lot about the fastest-growing social network! What Mignonne’s experience has taught me about Instagram can also be applied to any user or brand, I believe. Search out and engage with a community of users relevant to your heart, your biz, your message. They’re on Instagram. You just have to find them. Use hashtags wisely to expand your audience and correctly categorize your […]

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A Grief Revisited

1 comment February 24, 2014
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I needed to look through some old files, paper files, in a folder, in my file cabinet. I didn’t find what I was looking for. But I did find something that I definitely wasn’t looking for. What I found wasn’t lost or missing. It was simply stored away, and finding it surprised me. “It” was a powerful mix of emotions. Opening one particular file reopened a whole pile of feelings and thoughts. The file was full of paperwork, notes, certificates and everything about my Daddy’s death, on Christmas Day 1999. It was also, unexpectedly, full […]

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A Potato Parade Just for YOU!

0 comments February 11, 2014
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So, this just happened:   Yes, I made a Potato Parade for a friend of mine, in honour of his successfully juicing a potato. Apparently, it was a parade worthy event. I had no idea that you could do that – juice a potato, that is.  Or make a Potato Parade on the internet, for that matter… But, there you go. They both happened! I’m glad he got a chuckle out of the little video. I was definitely amused, myself!

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Run to You – Official Pentatonix Video

0 comments February 8, 2014
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I already raved about Run to You by Pentatonix.  I never dreamed this would be one of their official videos… but I’m SO stoked that it is. The video does a great job of keeping the visuals clear and simple, so as to highlight the vocals. Yup, I love the video! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you can not see this video, visit Run to You directly on YouTube.My music tank is full again! Thanks Pentatonix!

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More Reasons I love Hockey – The Sweethearts

3 comments December 26, 2013
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I love hockey. If you’ve been around the blog  much, you’ve probably figured that out. My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks. A couple of weeks ago, BuzzFeed Sports wrote up a fun little post called “24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts“. I’ve heard this from so many people – on the ice, these guys may be hard-hitting and tough, but off-ice they are really, really nice guys. My Canucks were featured a couple of times in the BuzzFeed list. Of course they were… they’re the BEST! #18: Hockey players are […]

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Christmas… That’s not what it’s about, you know…

1 comment December 24, 2013
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During a recent lunch conversation with a friend, we talked about how so many people have been [unsuccessfully] trying to get into the Christmas spirit this year. My Christmas tree wasn’t up at the time, and it just didn’t feel like Christmas. At the end of lunch, I lamented to my friend, “We haven’t even done Christmas cards this year.” My beautiful and wise friend lovingly responded, “That’s not what it’s about, you know.”   That’s not what it’s about, you know.   And with those words, I had a moment of revelation.   Christmas […]

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Run to You: Pentatonix {review}

1 comment December 16, 2013
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I was going to tackle all of Pentatonix’s new album all at once, but I just can’t do it. SO much can be said about a few individual songs in particular. I think I’ll need to take my time! SO, where do I begin, then??? The very first thing to note, when listening to ANY Pentatonix music: a good sound system is necessary to get the full effect of their awesomeness. To listen to them without good headphones, at the very least, is pure sacrilege. Pentatonix will sound great even on your computer speakers, but […]

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#ENERGYbits: gifts for the health conscious

0 comments December 11, 2013
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Looking for the perfect, healthy gift for the health conscious people in your life? ENERGYbits® could be the answer! ENERGYbits® are green, plant-based protein tabs that have quickly become the fuel of choice for busy moms, runners, Olympic athletes and active consumers worldwide.  Loaded with 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals, these spirulina algae tabs provide steady energy and mental alertness without sugar, chemicals, caffeine, gluten, soy or stomach distress, all for one calorie per tab. And, they come attractively wrapped; just add a bow and you’re good to go! SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER FOR It’s OK to be WEIRD READERS! FREE SHIPPING!!! Enter the […]

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#Hedgehog Obsession

9 comments November 19, 2013
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I have a good excuse for being absent over here on the blog the last little while… a few good reasons in fact. But one SUPER CUTE reason: I’m a new HedgieMama! My family surprised me and bought me a hedgehog for my birthday. I’m totally smitten! Meet Mignonne the Hedgehog. Post by Mignonne the Hedgehog. Isn’t she ADORABLE!? I’m totally in love with this little critter. Yes, I’m obsessed! You can follow Mignonne (pronounced Mee-nyohn) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Facebook: Mignonne the Hedgehog Twitter: @MignonneHeggie Instagram: Mignonne the Hedgehog She is totally the […]

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