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I am very open to reviewing family friendly products, books, websites, businesses, and even other blogs here on It’s OK to be WEIRD!, especially if they are weird! I am a civil engineer turned work at home mom, and have experience in technical writing and business administration. I have a daughter (age 12), two sons (ages 10 and 11), and one handsome husband who also make excellent and honest product testers. We like to review and promote the products we really believe in.

I welcome requests from PR people and companies, or anyone wanting to promote their website, product or service. This page provides and overview of my PR/Review/Giveaway policies.  Request my FULL MEDIA KIT or my MEDIA QUICK SHEET for complete details.

It’s OK to be WEIRD! was founded casually in 2007, with renewed focus in May 2010.  I have built a social media footprint of nearly 8,000 followers on the blog directly and through Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks.  These networks extend my reach to over 65,000 readers across the various channels available online.

Not only am I, as a blogger, becoming more widely connected online, but I also have education & experience in the areas of Technical Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media & Online-Marketing, and Social Media Management. I fully understand and work on a daily basis with the importance of proper keywords, anchor text links and brand protection.  Because of that, I am an emerging social influencer in this fast growing industry.

Alexa estimates that 54% of visitors are in Canada, and 44% are in the United States. Visitors to this site view an average of 2.3 unique pages per day. Google estimates that approximately 70% of visitors to visitors are in the United States with 20% in Canada. According to Alexa, is visited by predominantly college-educated females, 35-44 years of age, who are married and have children, who work from home, are self-employed or are homemakers, and browse the site from their homes.

~ Product reviews are free of charge, when product value exceeds $20. If your product value is under that amount, it is suggested to provide multiple items or choosing to have a website review or company feature rather than a single product review {see Advertising options}.

~ Product is required for all product reviews, and will not be returned.

~ It’s OK to be WEIRD! is not responsible for any shipping costs, duty or brokerage fees for sending items to be reviewed.

~ Reviews are published on first-come, first-served basis, usually within 2-8 weeks of receipt, depending on review testing time and availability.

~ If you prefer a specific date for publishing, I am usually fairly flexible and often able to accommodate your request, given that I receive the product in a timely manner.

~ A maximum of 3 keyword links are used in a review.

~ If you choose to provide a giveaway to further promote your items, a giveaway is free of charge with a product review.

~ Giveaways WITHOUT a product review require a fee of $25 in compensation for time in writing the post, promoting and conducting the giveaway.

~ It’s OK to be WEIRD! is not responsible for shipping giveaway item{s} to the winner{s}.

~ Giveaways run from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the value of the item{s} being offered and the publishing requests of the sponsor.

~ Premium Sidebar Advertising {which is visible at the top of all pages of the website}: Limited spots are available for 125×125 pixel buttons.

~ Banners, boxes or tall sidebar ad space is available as well, on a limited basis.

~ Website Review or Company Feature can be completed as a great alternative to those that do not wish to have a product reviewed.

~ Text link within a post or as a sidebar ad, creating a valuable backlink.

Please request my Full Media Kit for details on fees associated with these advertising options.

I am enthusiastic to partner with brands for campaigns and sponsored conferences. Such partnerships are valuable for both parties involved. Each situation is unique and the details are developed around the specific goals of the brand or product. I always endeavor to make certain that each case is a marketing success, through creative collaboration of blog posts and social media conversations, and, in the case of event sponsorship, on-site promotion and networking for the brand or business. I look forward to hearing from potential sponsors regarding possible partnership options.

Please contact me through my Contact Form for more information and to request my Media Quick Sheet or my Full Media Kit.