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Review of Pentatonix – The Album

0 comments October 22, 2015
Pentatonix The Album

Song writing, musical arrangement, vocal abilities… Pentatonix shows it all off in this new album. I’ve always raved about their covers of popular hit songs. This self-titled album (Pentatonix)is mostly their own original music, and it is equally noteworthy! The variety of styles on the album is impressive. PTX covers a whole bunch of bases, showcasing their amazing talent and versatility! Some of the songs feel like old favourites already – “Na Na Na”, “Sing!”, “Water”, and “Take Me Home” are lovely and comfortably excellent! “Light in the Hallway” is a dream come true for me […]

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#Confessions of a #Weird Mom: #Crushes – Entertainment Edition

3 comments February 14, 2013
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In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’m being a little unorthodox and sharing my secret crushes! I’m not a ‘drool over handsome men who aren’t my husband’ kind of gal in general. I’m a very happily married woman. I don’t read romance novels or get easily wrapped up in chick flick romance movies. I don’t understand the idea behind male strippers and such and have no compulsion to ever participate in activities of that sort (no judgement on those who do enjoy that sort of thing – it’s just not for me). I DO however have […]

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