Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long – 2015

0 comments March 19, 2015
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My Family Is Registered For Kids Bowl Free, AGAIN!!!   We have had so much fun the last few years doing this. And it’s the last year that all 3 of our kiddos will be eligible for the completely free games.   Why Don’t You Join Us?   Register Your Family for Kids Bowl Free   Kids Bowl Free allows your family to bowl 2 Games FREE everyday all summer. The program is available at many bowling centers across Canada and the USA.   Plus, there is a SUPER family pass option where parents, grandparents, […]

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Respect the Funk – Dad & Daughter

0 comments March 2, 2015

The family that dances together stays together.   Post by Ali Hoffman.   I seriously love that the Dad is dancing and lip-synching to the Uptown Funk with his teenage daughter. Awesome family weirdness! You have to respect the FUNK!

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KidsBowlFree – all summer long!

0 comments June 2, 2014

For the second year, we’ve registered our kiddos for the KidsBowlFree program. KidsBowlFree is a program hosted by participating bowling centres across the USA and Canada. Bowling centres, schools, and other community organizations work together to launch a super summer activity option for kids and families! Kids (under 15 years old) registered for the KidsBowlFree program get 2 FREE Games of bowling every day all summer long at your participating center*. There are over 1,050 locations to choose from. For Canadian Locations, click on the Canadian flag on the KidsBowlFree home page, or go to the […]

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A Grief Revisited

1 comment February 24, 2014
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I needed to look through some old files, paper files, in a folder, in my file cabinet. I didn’t find what I was looking for. But I did find something that I definitely wasn’t looking for. What I found wasn’t lost or missing. It was simply stored away, and finding it surprised me. “It” was a powerful mix of emotions. Opening one particular file reopened a whole pile of feelings and thoughts. The file was full of paperwork, notes, certificates and everything about my Daddy’s death, on Christmas Day 1999. It was also, unexpectedly, full […]

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WW: OUT-Standing! {linky}

5 comments July 3, 2012
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Welcome to WEIRD and Wordless Wednesday! Almost always weird, and sometimes wordless, too. This is our family! We are OUT-Standing (in a field)! LOL! I don’t officially have permission to share photos of my in-laws on my blog, so, I thought I could get away with this one. *grin* Left to Right: Me, MrCutie, PawPaw (my f-i-l), Gram (my m-i-l), Sweetie (my hubby), BudBud, and Sweetheart. Photo taken on Sweetheart’s 13th birthday, by June Bug Photos. Wordless Wednesday is meant to be a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks […]

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A Training Ground for Life – NOT a Museum

4 comments May 11, 2012

As a family, we all take care of the house together. At least, that’s the theory. Do you know what that means? When someone else doesn’t get to their job, it doesn’t mean I, as the mom, have to scramble to do their job for them before someone comes to the house so we can be ‘presentable’. If our house was a museum, or a show home, it would be necessary to keep it all up at once, but it’s not. Projects happen, and can’t be put away in the middle of them. People forget […]

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WW: Missing GG {linky}

0 comments February 22, 2012
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Welcome to WEIRD and Wordless Wednesday! Almost always weird, and sometimes wordless, too. I almost forgot WW this week… OOPS! And it’s not too weird or wordless, today, either… Today I’m missing my Great-Grandma, GG, as I called her. She was called GG by most of us: my Dad called her GG because she is his Grandma Goodson; I call her GG because she is my Great-Grandma. She is my kiddos Great-Great Grandma. Having 5 generations of a family alive all at once is rare these days, and is something we count as a special […]

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Camping: How NOT to do it

9 comments July 19, 2011
new tent

2 weekends ago we went camping for the first time this year. It was… interesting. We were not the poster family for the Boy Scouts or Parks Canada by any means! We drove 3 hours to go camping in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. We arrived well before our customary camping set-up time (O’Dark:30).  I guess we just don’t know how to set up camp in the early afternoon, though. As soon as we got to camp, we realized that, tent campers though we are, we were at the campground sans tent.  Yes, WITHOUT our tent… […]

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Aesop’s Garden – Review

1 comment June 10, 2011

My favorite contacts in blogging seem to be the ones that happen providentially – someone knows someone who knows me and puts me into contact with that first someone.  That’s not accidental – or even coincidental – that’s networking at its best!  I have in my circle a master networker, who happens to be a beautiful cousin of mine as well, and she has networked another fun connection for me.  Shennandoah Diaz introduced me to Emiliano Villarreal of Aesop’s Garden, and I’m really glad she did! About Aesop’s Garden Aesop’s Garden is more than a colouring […]

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June is not an easy month – Missing Daddy, Papa, and Papo

3 comments June 3, 2011

Today is June 3rd. Today would be my Daddy’s 56th birthday. But my Daddy has been gone for nearly 12 years now.  He lost a long battle with cancer on Christmas Day, 1999. 20 years ago today, we buried my Papa, my Dad’s dad. June 5 would be Papo’s birthday, my husband’s grandfather who passed away December of 2009. June 15 is my daughter’s birthday – she’ll be 12 this year.  She’s the only one of my beautiful kiddos that my Daddy got to meet here on Earth. And somewhere in the mix is always […]

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