Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long – 2015

0 comments March 19, 2015
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My Family Is Registered For Kids Bowl Free, AGAIN!!!   We have had so much fun the last few years doing this. And it’s the last year that all 3 of our kiddos will be eligible for the completely free games.   Why Don’t You Join Us?   Register Your Family for Kids Bowl Free   Kids Bowl Free allows your family to bowl 2 Games FREE everyday all summer. The program is available at many bowling centers across Canada and the USA.   Plus, there is a SUPER family pass option where parents, grandparents, […]

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KidsBowlFree – all summer long!

0 comments June 2, 2014

For the second year, we’ve registered our kiddos for the KidsBowlFree program. KidsBowlFree is a program hosted by participating bowling centres across the USA and Canada. Bowling centres, schools, and other community organizations work together to launch a super summer activity option for kids and families! Kids (under 15 years old) registered for the KidsBowlFree program get 2 FREE Games of bowling every day all summer long at your participating center*. There are over 1,050 locations to choose from. For Canadian Locations, click on the Canadian flag on the KidsBowlFree home page, or go to the […]

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WW: The Name of the Game {linky}

15 comments July 10, 2012
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Welcome to WEIRD and Wordless Wednesday! Almost always weird, and sometimes wordless, too. What’s the name of this game that the Kiddos are playing with Gram? It’s a long-time family favorite of ours! I even played it with my Great-Grandma (her cards looked like regular playing cards though)! Wordless Wednesday is meant to be a simple post which features a photo to convey a message that speaks for itself without using words; well not a lot of words! Please feel free to link your Weird and Wordless (or Word-full) posts below. Check out more Weird […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Do Tell Games

0 comments November 22, 2010

On Christmas Day at our house, we have a big birthday party for Jesus all day long.  We play games and have party foods. I know we’ll enjoy playing the Do Tell Family Game that I reviewed earlier in the month (Do Tell Family Game Review) with everybody. Do Tell has another game, their Do Tell Original Version. Do Tell Original Version game Do Tell Original Version has the same basic premise as the Family Version (or vice versa, since the original version came out first).  Using 5 different kinds of spaces on the game board […]

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Do Tell Family Edition Game Review

1 comment November 4, 2010

We are quite the game playing family.  We really enjoy all kinds of games – card games, board games, dominoes, even puzzles.  Playing games is one of the things we enjoy doing together the most.  In my opinion we still don’t play together often enough, but it’s a huge part of our family time. A few weeks ago I received the most colorful game boxes in the mail.  My kiddos could hardly wait to try out our new “Do Tell: Family Edition” game. We’ve played it a few times now, and every time it gets […]

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Enjoyable Family Road Trip? – FTF

0 comments October 23, 2010

Family Time Fridays! We LOVE to travel as a family.  As a family of 5, travel by car is our best option as it’s the cheapest way for us to go.  Our motto is: Have car, will travel! However, I know that not all families do car travel.  Many will not even consider the infamous road trip option, especially if they have small children.  Many parents are unwilling to even attempt going very far by car with their family, having heard or been a part of one too many unpleasant adventures.  While every family is […]

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Once you get them talking…

5 comments September 17, 2010

Family Time Fridays! As a ministry family, we aren’t always able to keep the same night as our Family Night every week. But I like to highlight some of the things we do with Family Time Fridays (even if our Family Night wasn’t on Friday this week, LOL!). One thing our family loves to do, regardless of what night we have Family Night or when we’re hanging out in general, is play games together.  We play all kinds of games – card games, board games, outside games, puzzles, etc. I recently game across some games […]

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