Why is WEIRD ok?

“Who decides what’s normal, anyway?
It’s OK to be WEIRD!”

That has been my life’s motto, ever since a discussion with my best friend one day at lunch in grade 7.

She and I decided that we didn’t need to be somebody else’s idea of ‘normal’, because we had to just be who we were.  What we thought was normal was weird to other people.  So, if weird was what we were, then weird was what we were going to be.

Not for the sake of being weird, but for the simple purpose of being ourselves!

Everyone is unique and individual and even weird in their own way.  Why does someone else get to decide what is normal for me?  Our answer to that question was, “We’re not going to let others decide that our uniqueness isn’t valuable, and we’re not going to decide for others what their normal should look like either.”

We all know that life can be really weird, and sometimes we try awfully hard to be “normal”, even to the point of not being ourselves.  I say, instead, to embrace that weirdness and stop hiding who you are!

My mission is to encourage YOU to be YOURSELF, because God has created you as a UNIQUE person, and we’re all a little weird in our own way.

I blog about real life in all its weirdness, from funny kid things to romance to faith issues, and so much more!

Stop by often, and feel free to be Weird – It’s OK!